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Oricom2-in-1 All-Terrain UHF CB Antenna for Low/High Gain (3dbi/6.5dbi)

Oricom2-in-1 All-Terrain UHF CB Antenna for Low/High Gain (3dbi/6.5dbi)

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The Oricom ANU1200 All Terrain Antenna is their most popular innovation in the range of heavy duty and purpose built UHF CB Antennas. This super convenient pack includes a 3dBi short antenna including heavy duty large barrel spring base with elevated feed. The pack also includes a simple to install extension fibreglass pole to convert the 3dBi base to a 6.5dBi antenna. Essentially you have the best of two different gain options, in one convenient pack. Simply add the larger pole when you are travelling on flat, open terrain. Alternatively, take the pole off and the 3dBi is perfectly suited to hilly or more mountainous terrain.

  • UHF CB Antenna (3dBi), with 0.43m* fiberglass pole and heavy duty spring base
  • 1m Fiberglass extension pole to convert antenna to a 1.4m 6.5dBi high gain antenna
  • Coaxial cable (4.5m)
  • Includes grub screw and hex key to secure the fiberglass pole
  • *Length of antenna includes spring base
  • 3 year warranty

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