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EcoFlow DELTA 2 Portable Power Station

EcoFlow DELTA 2 Portable Power Station

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EcoFlow DELTA 2 is not just a battery; it offers a reliable source of energy that you can take with you anywhere as well as offering home power security. With its sleek design and impressive power capabilities, this power station is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and travellers. Plus, as backup power for your home, you can rest easy knowing that with DELTA 2 you'll always have the energy to keep things running smoothly.

Designed so you can take power anywhere, DELTA 2 weighs about as much as a medium-sized dog. Compared to generators, it’s portable, indoor-friendly, and light.

Storing energy in a battery means you can power things for hours or days on end indoors or out. All without access to the grid. DELTA 2 lets you store 1kWh. In other words, it's a ton of energy to power your essentials. Unlike smaller batteries, it can keep refrigerators, phones, and even hotplates powered for extended periods.

Planning a family camping trip and worried about powering all your gear? With multiple ports, DELTA 2 can simultaneously charge up to 13 devices, keeping your gadgets going all weekend long. And the best part? With an impressive 1800W AC output, power high-wattage appliances like a microwave or portable AC. Experience a power cut back home? Rest easy knowing your most important appliances will continue to run like a champ!

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