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CEL-FI CONNECT C41 Self-Install Mobile Booster Optus

CEL-FI CONNECT C41 Self-Install Mobile Booster Optus

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The Cel-Fi CONNECT C41 Optus is the ultimate solution for businesses and homeowners struggling with poor cellular coverage. This innovative device is designed to make it easy for you to improve your 3G and 4G in-building cellular reception, and it has been approved by Optus, with Telstra and Vodafone pending approval.

Whether you need to enable mobile workstation essentials in your office or simply enjoy connectivity at home, the Cel-Fi CONNECT C41 provides businesses and homeowners with the peace of mind that poor reception is a thing of the past. Don’t let poor cellular coverage disrupt your productivity or enjoyment anymore.

  • Reliable 3G/4G calling and streaming via best-in-class signal boost
  • Simple Plug-and-Play setup for boosting signal within minutes
  • Nextivity IntelliBoost chip ensures industry-leading performance
  • Use the Cel-Fi WAVE App to select and switch mobile network operators and view real-time system performance.
  • Has consistent connectivity with DSS (Dynamic Spectrum Sharing) support for seamless network migration.
  • No interference with other wireless systems

The Cel-Fi CONNECT C41 Smart Signal Repeater solves the problem of poor coverage by making it easy for businesses and homeowners to improve their 3G and 4G in-building cellular reception.

Combining plug-and-play operation with industry-leading performance, CONNECT C41 is designed to be set up and boost cellular signals within minutes. Once powered on, the system automatically configures all parameters for the desired mobile operator network, allowing set up to be quick and simple.


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