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Blackhawk Wall Mount 698-2700 7/8dBi Panel Antenna

Blackhawk Wall Mount 698-2700 7/8dBi Panel Antenna

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The Blackhawk Indoor Wall Mount Antenna is designed to operate with all mobile carriers in mind, regardless of what frequency they operate on.


Offering a 7dB gain this antenna is suitable as an indoor antenna or panel antenna, that can be mounted on a wall for repeater applications.

  • Provides a 7dbi gain for 698-960 MHz
  • Provides a 8dbi gain for 1710-2600 MHz


Main Technical Specifications:


  • Model BH-WAL-698/2700-65
  • Frequency range 698~960 MHz / 1710~2600MHz 
  • VSWR <1.5 
  • Input impendance 50Ω 
  • Gain 7 / 8dBi 
  • Polarization type Line polarization 
  • E-plane beamwidth 65° 
  • H-plane beamwidth 90° 
  • F/B ratio ≥23dB 
  • Max power 50W 
  • Lightning protection DC ground 
  • Connector Type N female 
  • RG58/U cable L=300mm 
  • Weight 600g 
  • Dimensions 210mm×180mm×44mm 
  • Radome material UV-Resistance ABS 
  • Radome color White 
  • Working temperature -40℃~+60℃
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