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Altech UEC DSD5000 VAST Satellite Receiver

Altech UEC DSD5000 VAST Satellite Receiver

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The UEC DSD4921RV was the most trusted VAST™ Twin Tuner Satellite Set Top Box in Australia. Meet the new DSD5000 by UEC, with the same compact chassis and a complete hardware rebuild inside, ready for the future and here now. Backed by UEC and our distribution network you can be assured of best-in-class support, always.

Now with new additional features you’ll love, the best did get better. We integrated a 7 segment display for those who navigate the channels by number. The DSD5000 is just as happy in the home or on the road using a 12V power adaptor or a direct to 12V DC socket in your caravan or mobile home.

  • Smallest VAST™ Receiver on the Market Remote control extender port
  • PVR Ready Clock in Standby Mode
  • Receives TV and Radio services Parental control
  • Low power consumption 12v DC / 240v AC support
  • 8 day extended EPG with search feature Single Input Dual Tuner
  • 12 month warranty Closed captions and Audio descriptor support
  • Hardware
  • VAST™ Certified USB (2 Amp) Input
  • 240vAC/12vDC 3amp Power Pack
  • Simultaneous HDMI and Composite Video Output
  • Irdeto Secure Silicon and VAST™ Smart Card included
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