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Eufy Security SmartDrop

Eufy Security SmartDrop

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Introducing Eufy Security SmartDrop, the secure and dependable way to receive packages. With its battery-powered security, your deliveries stay dry and secure. Easy to install, built to last, Eufy SmartDrop will make sure that your packages are delivered safely and quickly. Experience reliable and secure delivery today!

  • You've Got Mail: Get a notification and watch every package delivery with a 1080p HD camera right from your phone in real time. You can even talk to the courier via two-way audio.

  • Epic Size: Large enough to fit 99% of packages and spacious enough to fit multiple items at a time, SmartDrop will take care of all your deliveries.

  • Round-the-Clock Protection: Receive packages whether you're home or out and about. SmartDrop's all-metal body will protect your parcels 24/7 from porch pirates and the elements' even if you're on vacation.

  • Works with All Couriers: As your delivery approaches, SmartDrop will greet the courier with illuminated buttons and guide them on how to leave a package quickly and easily. If there isn't already a package inside, the courier can just press complete the delivery in seconds.

  • Multiple Ways to Open: Access SmartDrop in 1 of 5 ways. You can let couriers, friends, and family press the Open button if there is nothing inside or give them a PIN. Access it via your phone or through voice assistants, and if all else fails, you can also use a traditional key.

  • What's In the Box: SmartDrop/ Battery Pack, 2 x Gas Struts, 2x Backup Keys, USB Charging Cable

  • Integrated 1080P Camera
  • Multiple Ways to Open
  • Receive Packages Anytime
  • Notifications of Delivery
  • 24/7 Package Protection
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Durable & Weatherproof
  • 10,000mAh Rechargeable Battery
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