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House Satellite VAST TV Kit DIY

House Satellite VAST TV Kit DIY

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The VAST house satellite TV kit from Access Antennas Australia is the perfect solution for customers in remote areas of Australia looking for reliable and easy-to-set-up TV reception. With 100% coverage across the entire country, you'll never have to worry about poor signal quality or missing your favorite shows. This kit is designed with customer satisfaction in mind, it comes with all the instructions you need to set up your system with ease, including a video and instruction booklets that will help you throughout the process. The system is the easiest to set up on the market, and if you have any issues, you can count on the amazing customer service provided by Access Antennas Australia both before and after the sale. In summary, if you are a customer looking for a satellite TV kit in remote areas of Australia, look no further than the VAST house satellite TV kit from Access Antennas Australia. With 100% coverage, easy setup, and excellent customer support, you can't go wrong. Don't buy from other companies that won't offer the same level of service and coverage.

This house VAST satellite tv kit includes the following:

  • Satking DVBS2-980CA VAST Twin Tuner Satellite Receiver (with VAST smartcard)
  • 80cm high performance Access Antennas dish with an Australian designed removable arm mechanism. We guarantee 100% coverage of Australia.
  • Tin roof mount (let us know if you need tile mount)
  • High performance 10.7 LNB
  • Satking SK-99 satellite finder
  • Military style compass
  • Inclometer with magnetic base
  • 18m + 2m high quality satellite cable kit with high end Foxtel PCT compression connectors

For the homeowner with no satellite experience, all the equipment provided is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Our kits come ready to go and are extremely easy to install. 

We have attached a video by Paul Nicholas in QLD who shows customers how to mount the bracket onto the roof. Please disregard the other information about using the website to check for angles as we provide the angle for every location in Australia already. The tool for setting the angle is included and you can not make a mistake. Everything is pre-tuned so all you need to do is move the dish until the picture appears on the screen and signal appears on the satellite finder. It is extremely easy to setup.


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