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Blackhawk 4G-5G Slim Ceiling Antenna

Blackhawk 4G-5G Slim Ceiling Antenna

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The Blackhawk slimline ceiling antenna is the ideal solution for a clean, aesthetic appearance without sacrificing performance. The antenna has been shaped to generate a 360° hemisphere of signal for complete internal coverage when mounted on the ceiling.

Indoor ceiling-mount antennas, sometimes called dome antennas, are designed to be mounted to the ceiling of your building to consistently distribute mobile phone service from your repeater / booster system. The thin white design allows the product to be nearly invisible when mounted, yet provides a strong increase in 4G-5G cellular coverage when connected to an in-building repeater system.

The antenna provides consistent gain across the 4G-5G cellular range from 700 to 4000 MHz, with stable omnidirectional coverage. It is horizontally polarised to provide maximum isolation in smaller installation environments such as demountable temporary office buildings and containers. The antenna has a low-PIM design to protect the network when broadcasting multiple carriers from the one antenna.

  • 4G LTE, 5G NR bands 698 to 4000 MHz
  • Thin, aesthetically pleasing ABS radome
  • Semi-Flexible blue RG-402 cable tail
  • Ideal for commercial in-building coverage
  • N, 4.3-10, NEX10 Female input connector options available, (N Female standard).
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