Nomad 100AH Lithium Power Distribution Unit

Nomad 100AH Lithium Power Distribution Unit

DT 120AH 12V Lithium Iron LiFePo4 Deep Cycle Battery with BMS


The Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is the ultimate in weight versus power technology. This is a drop in replacement for your Lead-acid battery, and will require no change to your stock charging system. LiFePO4 contains no poisonous lead, no acid, and does not create gasses during charge, as traditional Lead-Acid batteries do. Compared to lead-acid, Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are also extremely light, have much lower self-discharge, do not sulfate, and are environmentally friendly.

*If battery enters self protection mode due to insufficient charging, a suitable LiFePO4 (eg Victron) charger is required to return battery to working state. Lithium charger is recommended to rebalance the lithium cells every month or couple of months

Designed in Australia and made for the harsh Australian conditions from Western Australian lithium

 Built-in automatic protection for over-charge, 
over-discharge and over-temperature conditions
 Maintenance free 
 Internal cell balancing
 Thousands of cycles (3000-6000cycles) under normal
 Can be charged using most standard lead-acid 
chargers (set for AGM/GEL cells)
 Flame retardant plastics 

Approx 3000-6000 cycles
Voltage : 12.8V
Nominal Capacity (25°C , 0.2C) : 120Ah
Weight (Approximate) : 15KG
Cell : Prismatic
Dimension: 330*172*220 mm
Specific Energy: 105Wh/kg

Standard Discharge 25°C
Max. cont. current: 100A
Max.10sec.pulse: 50A
Cut-off Voltage: 10V

Standard Charge
Charge Voltage: 14.6V
Float: 13.8V
Style: CC/CV
Warranty: 3 years

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